Nationwide Service with Smart Kitchen

Summit Restaurant Supply offers Nationwide Smart Kitchen Service 

Smart Kitchen Service, we pride ourselves on delivering superior customer service by providing a steady communication between our service agents and our customers. Our unique ability to provide customers with same day customers service, gives us an edge over our competition. At Smart Kitchen Service every one of our customers is assigned to a specific customer service representative, who directly oversees every service call and its progress from start to finish. The direct involvement of our customer service team allows Smart Kitchen Service to remain flexible and tailor our service to suit the needs of our customers. When you need a solution our customer service representatives are there to help you find it. We make your satisfaction and continued business our priority! Our service director has a life time experience. He has spent a career in commercial food service manufacturing roles. He began as a quality control engineer, and was promoted to a director of product quality and product services, and he has personally trained each one of our service agents individually, to make sure we provide you with the ultimate customer service experience.